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Grand Island

Often overlooked in favor of Pictured Rocks, Grand Island offers guests a less crowded boat tour option. This large island just north of Munising is a hidden gem that contains rock cliffs taller than Pictured Rocks, old lighthouses, secluded beaches, shipwrecks, bald eagles, and beautiful caverns and waterfalls.

grand island rock formation grand island waterfall Close up view of the cliffs along Grand Island

sunsetAlong the east end of the island lies the historic East Channel Lighthouse, originally constructed in 1868. From there, you’ll encounter some unique caverns and arches. As you round the north end of the island, you’ll come across the Grand Island North Light Station, built in 1867, which sits atop a 175-foot cliff. Towering rock formations, waterfalls, and even shipwrecks await you on the west side of the island (and, if you’re lucky, an unforgettable sunset!)

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Tour Options

friends enjoy the cliffsWe also offer an evening tour, with your choice of Grand Island, which offers the perfect backdrop for viewing the sun setting over Lake Superior, or just a fun cruise around Munising Bay.

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About Our Captains

Captain Mark with his dog on the pontoon boatCaptain Mark is a USGC Master License Boat Captain with over 25 years’ experience of leading professional boat tours. He is a long-time summer resident of the Munising area, giving him a lot of knowledge of the sites on the water. Captain Mark loves sharing stories and showing visitors the highlights of Pictured Rocks and Grand Island.

Captain Tanner Schmidtman has over 5 years’ experience on the Great Lakes.