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Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking your Trip

When do you offer tours?
We typically begin doing trips in June, and go through mid-October, weather depending.

How long are the tours?
We offer morning, afternoon and evening tours which last for roughly 3 hours.

Where do we meet for the trip?
We depart at the beach on Sand Point, just before the National Park Service office in Munising. Drive 2 miles north of the Munising Hospital (1500 Sand Pt. Rd.), across from the Marsh Trail.

How can I book my trip?
Click here to view our calendar and reserve your trip! Or, you can call 906.387.1591.

Is a deposit required?
We ask that you pay in full when booking your trip. In the event of inclement weather, you will receive a full refund.

What if I need to change or cancel?
If you need to change or cancel your trip, please call us at 906.387.1591 to discuss. In most cases, we are able to reschedule your trip!

Are there refunds?
In the event that there is inclement weather (which can happen on Lake Superior), we will issue you a refund, or we can reschedule your trip.

Trip Information

How many people are allowed?
There is a maximum of 6 people allowed per group, in order to comply with state and federal regulations.

dog onboardDo you allow dogs on board?
Yes, we love dogs and happily allow them on our boat for no extra charge. We are currently the only Pictured Rocks boat tour that allows dogs!

Can we bring food on board?
Yes, guests can bring food, and we have a cooler on board should you need one. We also have a small BBQ you are welcome to use.

Do you allow alcohol on board?
Yes, patrons are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages. We are currently the only Pictured Rocks boat tour that allows this!

Are these tours guided?
While Captain Mark & Captain Damon are quite knowledgeable about the area and the highlights along Pictured Rocks and Grand Island, this tour is not fully guided, such as others in the area. Instead, we play music of your choice, or you can listen to the roar of the boat and Lake Superior.

What can be done on the tours?
Lake Superior Boat Tours is the only tour company in the Munising area who allows you to customize your own trip, without the hassle of driving a boat! We’ve taken people up to cliffs where they can walk around and explore, or you can get off and lounge around at a beach, such as Chapel Beach, home of the famous Chapel Rock.

We have also hosted artists and photographers who simply wish to observe and capture the Pictured Rocks cliffs and waterfalls in a private and quiet setting. It’s really up to you what you want to do!

For those on the Grand Island tour, there is also the opportunity to swim around and explore shipwrecks. If you are interested in this, please make sure to bring your own snorkeling or scuba diving equipment.

Are life jackets provided?
Yes, we have life jackets available for everyone in your group.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?
We have a toilet with a private enclosure, located in the back of the boat.

What should I bring with me?
Because the temperature can vary widely on Lake Superior (it can be 20 degrees cooler on the open water versus the bay area), it is advised to bring extra clothing, jackets, towels, and blankets to help keep you warm. We also have extra towels and blankets on board.

Please note that your belongings may get wet, and we have a few dry storage areas for you to keep important items safe.

What kind of boat is used?

30-foot Triton PontoonWe provide a smooth and comfortable ride for guests on our 30-foot Triton Pontoon, which allows us to take you into lower areas where other boat tours can’t.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • (906) 387-1591
  • Pick-up Location: Sand Point Rd., Munising (near Park Service office, on the beach)

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